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I am the UK leading  Specialist for my Lifestyle creations of my Little Mincing Sissy Pansies, who adore to be Pantied and Petticoated in 100 yards of Petticoat  with extra large satin bows and plenty of ribbons with large bonnets , I have always been inspired by the creative art work  of Prissy and Prim.

Prim has created a new exciting Website for her Exotic Mincing Sissy Pansy art work with a story to go with each of her adorable little Pansies.

I shall be displaying  on my Website Prim's creative art work and stories for all of my adorable Little Mincing Sissy Pansies  to enjoy.

Prim will be displaying my photos of my adorable Little Mincing Sissy Pansies so that his Mincing Sissy Pansies can also enjoy my  creative Lifestyle Pansies, exciting times ahead for us all.

We do have leather posture collars with matching leather wrists cuffs and matching shoe locks with short connecting metal chain to restrict your manly stride, how Humiliating for you to Mince for Mistress Lady Penelope .

As you can see from my website I have  a comprehensive range of restraints including gags, hoods, armbinders, straight jackets and arm and leg corsets to make your tasks even harder !!!.

Sissy dresses ladies size 14 to 32 Designer shoes from ladies size 4 up to size 14.
Would you like to be my sweet little adorable Mincing dolly, wearing lots of cute extra large satin bows with jingle bells on, lashings of frills and lace, the prettiest of party dresses imaginable with the frilliest 100 yard bouffant petticoat underneath, and frilliest little panties with rows and rows of lace with jingle bells attached?.
To add to your total humiliation, an LED illuminated pink band can be made to flash through your knickers.
I am Mistress Lady Penelope but to Sissy Pansies, you may call me Aunty Penelope if it makes it easier for you.

I have heavily invested in buying Bespoke Sissy dresses, I have hundreds of Sissy dresses  not just a few for  my little Prissy Sissy Mincing Pansies.

I can literally call myself the leading Specialist in UK, also I am actually on Prim's front page as Prim has always enjoyed my lifestyle creations of little Mincing Sissy Pansies, bringing Prim's creative artwork to life.
For my Sissy Pansies I have hundreds of elaborate bespoke Sissy dresses, short and long, satin, taffeta, organza, cotton, with lots of big bows, frills, lace, everything a Sissy could ever dream of or desire. I have 100 yard bouffant petticoats, sissy over the knee stockings with pretty Sissy satin bows or glossy white stockings with pink bows or designer stockings by Fiore.
Aunty Penelope is assisted by two 24/7 lifestyle maids who are solely dedicated to me. Head maid Madam FiFi and understudy maid sissy Barbie.
Firstly I shall select which Sissy dress you shall be wearing, then whilst my maids go and retrieve the Sissy dress and accessories I have personally chosen for you, you will have a professional make over done by myself.

My maids will assist you in putting on your ten strap suspender belt, Fiore exotic stockings, frilly knickers or bloomers, 100 yard bouffant organza petticoat which will fan out your sissy dress into a bell shape.

You will also wear an exquisite Prissy Sissy dress, shoes, corsages for wrist and little ankles, Sissy wig, alice band, giant size satin bows, large frilly bonnet or sparkling Swarovski crystal tiara or crown or other hair accessories, sparkly Sissy costume jewellery, Sissy satin handbag, parasol etc. etc.
All Prissy Sissies will be trained to keep their knees together, their ankles together and to take small steps which is called mincing. They will learn to hold their elbows back and close to their waist, to take up the minimum of space with their bodies. Moving and standing like a man when in a Sissy dress is totally unacceptable. For instance, bending forward at the waist is prohibited because it flashes the knickers, you must bend your knees and keep the hem of your dress horizontal to prevent this.
You will be taught to do a Sissy bob in the style which I demand from you. You must do so with your knees and ankles together, skirt fanned out, pinkie fingers raised, elbows back and held in and back straight, head up but eyes down. You will then bend your knees whilst raising your skirt a little and wait for me to give you permission to rise by clapping three times while I say one princess, two princess, three princess. This will make you concentrate.
Sissies must always be humble and respectful of their betters.
Sissies who adore humiliation and punishment.
Answering back will be severely punished physically and you will also be forced to wear a gag to prevent any repetition. To add to your total humiliation, my under study maid sissy Barbie will attach a huge bright red jingle bell to the gag to enhance your utter humiliation. Lesser offences may be punished with humiliation alone if I am feeling merciful. For instance a collar with bells will be locked onto your neck, sometimes wrist and ankle cuffs with bells may be added too. I will then know exactly where you are within the house, and know if you are slacking or working hard by the tolling of the bells.
If you are a Naughty Sissy Pansy and disobey me, Aunty Penelope will decide on your fate.
I might decide to put you you over my knee, pull up your frilly satin dress and petticoat and spank your pert little bot-bot over your frilly knickers with my large Naughty Punishment brush. Whilst being spanked you will hear the sound of the bells ringing to every smack you receive. This will enhance your total utter humiliation by hearing the bells on your knickers ringing.
Or I will force you to have a time-out sitting on the naughty step or standing in the corner where I can clearly see you. I will make sure you keep your nose pressed to the wall. You will stand with your hands on your head, your hands being encased in pink Sissy satin and lace mittens without thumbs so you cannot grip anything. The mittens will be locked on with a heart shaped padlock. They have bells attached so if you move I will hear the bells jingling.
If you should forget to mince I will lock pink leather fetters on your ankles, linked by a short chain until such time as I think you have learned your lesson.
If you are really really naughty and wayward, you shall be forced into my Sissy pink straight jacket proclaiming that you are “Property of Mistress Lady Penelope” with bells attached to add to your total and utter humiliation.
If you have been exceptionally naughty Aunty Penelope will roll a pair of fluffy pink sissy dice to decide how I will restrain you until you have learned your lesson.
Pink leather cuffs might be fitted to your arms above your elbows, with a slightly longer length chain behind your back. Naturally this makes performing your chores more difficult, but you must still work just as quickly and efficiently, no allowances can be made for being punished, it is your fault that you are punished not mine.
The fluffy dice might select for you to be put into my Sissy pink lycra hood which has a big zip at the back of your head which you will be zipped into after inserting ear plugs into your ears, depriving you of all your senses. On the back of the hood are two large 50mm silver jingle bells.

You will sit on my Sissy stool between my French doors so I can keep my ever watchful eyes on you. If you make any movement making the bells ring, the dice will be thrown again, and the sum of the numbers thrown will cause that number of minutes to be added to your time and entered into my pink sparkly naughty book. If you can’t sit still you will be there forever.
The fluffy pink sissy dice might choose for you to be locked into a male chastity device. Just in case you should forget you are wearing it, I will provide you with a constant reminder by making you wear a bright red 50mm bell attached to a sissy pink satin chastity device cover with lashings of sissy pink lace and bells, locked around the device with a heart shaped padlock.

I call this Total Utter Humiliation don't you.

The key to the chastity device will be placed upon a special heart shaped pink sissy satin cushion which you will present to me.

If you need to use the bathroom, you must meekly knock on my door and automatically do a Sissy bob, keeping your back straight, head up, eyes down, knees and ankles together, with your skirt and 100 yard bouffant petticoat fanned out, elbows back and pinkie fingers raised. You must raise your skirt a little as you bend your knees and then lower it again as you rise. You must not utter a word until you are spoken to, if you should interrupt, points will be entered against you into my pink sparkly naughty book.

A device which feels just the same as a ring through the nose can be used to counter any disobedience.
An arm binder can be used to hold the shoulders back giving constant distress and even one of my weakling maids can easily hold or pull a leash attached to the ring at the hands, the force being multiplied by the leverage in your own arms giving agonising pain should you try to pull away, or a gentle yank will be a very effective punishment for any misdemeanor.
One of my favourite toys is a steel Scavenger’s Daughter which you will be locked into and forced to sit between the French doors in my lounge, your arms, legs and neck firmly clamped in the device for my own personal amusement.
For my really disobedient Sissy Prissy Mincing Pansies I shall force you into the pink satin Sissy mincing ribbons linking your ankles to your wrists with big Sissy satin bows and bells. To enhance your total utter humiliation you shall to swing like a puppet on a string. This is one of my favourite humilations for you. Just visualise youself encased in ribbons prancing around for me.

At long last my Mincing Sissy Pansies you will  finally be able wear  Prim's creations with Sissy satin lingerie which has inspired all of us for years hasn't it, the most frilliest satin Sissy lingerie imaginable  Sissy satin  kissed with satin Sissy kitty  bows such bliss don't you all agree.

I have delicate white lace  Prissy Sissy suspender belts which are eight inches wide, covered with lots of Prissy Sissy pink satin bows with six long suspender straps. The busk has 13 hooks and eyes closely spaced. Lacy Sissy knickers to match the suspender belts, again with masses of pink satin kissed with kitty bows.

Prissy Sissy Lacey fingerless gloves with Sissy satin matching bows to match  your Sissy look.

For sheer indulgence for my Mincing Prissy Sissy Dolls I have pink satin fluffy high heeled slippers with Prissy Sissy bows which match all of the above items.

Can you all imagine how cute and adorable my Mincing Prissy Pansies will look? This is certainly Sissy Heaven absolute luxury meets pure decadence!
To complement our Prissy Sissy range I have matching headband, choker, garter and cuff set. How adorable is this, absolute luxury meets pure indulgence. The headband is embroidered "SISSY SLUT".
Matching Sassy Frilly Sissy tie on panties with kissed pretty kitty bows, absolute luxury. At the back of the panties it is embroidered "SQUEEZE ME". This is such Sissy heaven.
To match your Sassy Frilly Sissy suspender belt there is the matching Sissy Frilly padded bra. The material used is iridescent candy pink organza with wet look bridal white satin. This looks so outstanding which ever way you turn! So Sexy! So Sassy! So Prissy! This truly is a must have dream for my Mincing Sissy Pansies absolute luxury don't you all agree!
I literally adore Prim's creations of her sassy frilly Sissy suspender belts, where the waist is always encased in the most frilliest silky satin and Sissy organza trim, always adorned with kissed  pretty kitty bows. Prim has always emphasized on her frilly Sissy Sassy suspender belts,   the four extra long frilly Sissy suspender belt straps, kissed with pretty kitty bows with heavy metal clips to hold tightly to your Sissy stockings so Prissy pure decadence!
The Prissy Sissy mini baby doll negligee is so short that it will show off your little panties. Dancing around the hem is a contrasting organza frill, wet look silky & see through in precious hot pink, so Sexy! So Sassy! So Prissy! This is so cute & Sexy! Kissed with pretty kitty bows.
Can you all  imagine my little Pansies wearing a wet look silky satin & sheer organza baby doll negligee, kissed with pretty kitty bows with a silky wet look padded bust to illuminate your  Sissy curves, shining delightfully over the contour of your bust fillers. "HOLD ME" is embroidered onto the bust, with silky tie shoulder straps, extremely see through, very alluring, very risque.
How adorable is this my Mincing Sissy Pansies?

My new range is inspired by Prim's Sissy exotic artwork, I am now introducing  Prissy Sissy satin & chiffon Baby Doll negligees and Prissy Sissy lingerie for my little Mincing Sissy Pansies.

Absolute luxury meets pure decadence!

I am just describing  one of my many Sissy Prissy Sissy sets I have, you will all be spoilt for choice and styles. Complete Sissy heaven don't you all agree, my little Mincing  Sissy Pansies !
If this is what you desire, then you will have to be a good little girl and do what I tell you to, wear what I tell you to no matter how toe curlingly sweet and pretty you look. You will be trained to mince delicately like a Prissy Sissy Pansy Doll, to pose, to speak and sing with a soft Sissy lisping voice, to dance for my amusement. Are you going to be my angel or my little fairy princess with wings?
Just imagine having goldilocks hair or pig tails with an Alice band or a giant size Sissy bow or be my little princess wearing a sparkling Swarovski crystal tiara or crown? Would you like me to be your special Aunty and for you to be my special little Sissy Pansy.
The frilliest knickers, a massive selection of wigs, you will literally be spoilt for choice. Long satin opera gloves in many colours. Corsages for your wrists and ankles, giant size satin bows for your wrists, ankles, neck and to adorn your hair, alice bands and sparkling Swarovski crystal tiara and crowns in great abundance. Suspender belts including ten strap ones in many sizes and colours.
I have lovely pink satin fluffy slipper shoes with 3 1/2 inch heels, flat satin slipper type shoes, Sissy flat shiny white patent leather shoes and Mary Jane shoes in a variety of colours.
When I finally ask you how I can help you, you shall meekly say "Pretty please Aunty Penelope, may I have your permission to have my sissy pink satin chastity device cover unlocked so I can go wee-wees.”  If I grant your wish, then I will instruct you to locate my understudy maid sissy Barbie and ask her unlock the pink Prissy Sissy satin chastity device cover with the key she carries around her neck, when you have finished in the bathroom you will report back to understudy maid sissy Barbie who will replace the Prissy Sissy chastity device cover.
This is what I call Total Utter Humiliation. Don’t you agree !!!