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As you know, my name is Mistress Lady Penelope, I possess two 24/7 lifestyle maids dedicated to me. Head maid Madam FiFi and understudy maid sissy Barbie. Sissy Barbie is permanently locked into a male chastity device (with bells attached) which makes her all the more subservient and adoring to me her Mistress. Through long dedicated service, Madam FiFi has earned the privilege not to wear one, but still acts as if she is. They are totally and utterly devoted to me.
A good sissy maid should try to blend into the background and not draw attention to herself, either visually, audibly, or via any of the five senses, including the sense of smell. She must only present herself freshly bathed. If I should detect body odour, she will be punished and sent home without any refund. She should not wear perfume or speak except to acknowledge her understanding of an instruction or answer a direct question. She should not sing or whistle and should carry out her duties as silently as possible. Even when wearing bells, a maid must move gracefully so as to minimise the sound. A sissy maid is very vulnerable. A maid’s life is full of dangers, any maid who is not afraid is extremely foolish.
Serious offences will result in being frog marched to the dungeon where dice will be thrown to decide your fate. The number on the dice will determine which of the many instruments or bondage equipment I will be using upon you and for how long you will be incarcerated in their wicked painful embrace or how many strokes of the implement you will receive. Only serious offenders will come to know what I have in my dungeon, what happens there is beyond the scope of a public web site.
One of my favourite toys is a steel Scavenger’s Daughter which you will be locked into and sit between the French doors, your arms, legs and neck firmly clamped together for my amusement.
I have a pink straight jacket proclaiming that you are the “Property of Mistress Lady Penelope” to add to your total and utter humiliation. We have a pink lycra hood which you will be zipped into after inserting  ear plugs into your ears, depriving you of all your senses. Onto the hood are sewn two large bells, and more on your ankles. If you move and make the bells ring, it will further extend you sentence standing between the french doors of my living room.
Wrist cuffs can also be used as minor punishments, with or without a  linking chain as I deem fit. Shoes can be locked on. A device which feels just the same as a ring through the nose can be used to counter any disobedience. An arm binder can be used to hold the shoulders back giving constant distress and even one of my weakling maids can easily hold or pull a leash attached to the ring at the hands, the force being multiplied by the leverage in your own arms giving agonising pain should you try to pull away, or a gentle yank will be a very effective punishment for any misdemeanor.
Electra Stimulation
If a maid should accidentally spill the tea when serving me, or fail to keep their finger on the lid of the tea pot when pouring, they will be forced to wear arm corsets which prevent bending of the elbow. Again no allowance will be made, you must be just as efficient wearing them and if you cannot keep up, further punishments will be entered in My Red Velvet Punishment Book.
To add to your total humiliation, an LED illuminated pink band can be made to flash through your panties.
Sissy maids must always be humble and respectful of their betters. Answering back will be severely punished physically and you will also be forced to wear a gag to prevent any repetition. To add to your total humiliation, my under study maid sissy Barbie will attach a huge bright red bell to the gag to enhance your utter humiliation.

Lesser offences may be punished with humiliation alone if I am feeling merciful. For instance a collar with bells will be locked onto your neck, sometimes wrist and ankle cuffs with bells may be added too. I will then know exactly where you are within the house, and know if you are slacking or working hard by the tolling of the bells.
You will be taught to stand and move gracefully much as one would expect from a finishing school. Graceful movement is enforced with a bell collar locked around your neck. For repeated failure to move gracefully, ankle and wrist cuffs with bells attached will be added. Graceful movement does not ring the bells above a slight tinkle, and that acts as a reminder, if you ignore the reminder and I hear the bells ringing loudly, points will be automatically awarded in My Red Velvet Punishment Book.
Sissy maids will be taught to curtsey in the style I demand. You must do so with your knees and ankles together, skirt fanned out, pinkie fingers raised, elbows back and held in and back straight, head up but eyes down. You will then bend your knees whilst raising your skirt a little and wait for me to give you permission to rise by clapping three times while I say un, deux, trois. This makes you concentrate.

You will also be taught to bob, which you will do when both your hands are busy, for instance if you are carrying one of my silver trays bearing my tea set. The process is the same as curtseying but without fanning out your skirt. Poor posture will be corrected with a special posture collar.
Leather cuffs can be fitted to your arms above your elbows, connected with a slightly longer length chain behind your back. Naturally this makes performing your chores more difficult, but you must still work just as quickly and efficiently, no allowances made for being punished, it is your fault that you are punished not mine.
Failure to mince will result in your ankles being fitted with leather fetters, linked by a short chain until such time as you have learned your lesson. Repeat offenders will be strapped into leather leg binders and made to stand to attention with their heads bowed and their skirts held fanned out, pinkie fingers pointing upwards, until I dismiss the errant maid. Bells will be attached to the leg corset so that the slightest movement will ring the bells and points will be awarded and entered into My aforementioned Red Velvet Punishment Book.
Real girls learn over many years to be modest and act demurely but sissy maids must be trained in this much more rapidly. Very few find this comes easily, most need many reprimands and punishments before it becomes second nature.
The aim is to train a maid to be good enough to serve as one of my stable of maids.
Candidates want to be trained by the best in the business, but many to do not conform to my high entry standards and are consequently rejected despite all their begging.
When potential new sissy maids telephone me and ask me to grant them an audience so that I can train them to my exacting high standards, I always point out this to them. No matter who and where you have been trained previously, you shall learn MY way or suffer the consequences.
My maids always tell me the truth, trust is so vitally important to me.
In their minds, their first priority is to Serve me and please me, their own needs are secondary and their desires are of no significance whatever. I freely admit that I have selfishly redirected their pent up energy into a desire to make me happy. They seem unable to comprehend how I am using their frustration to enslave them. Their simple male brains cannot see how easy it is for a me to use them to my advantage. Am I evil, yes. Do I care, no. Do they like it, absolutely yes. They adore my evil mind.
Despite me controlling their lives and not allowing them to pursue their interests and embarrassing them past the point of total humiliation, they have discovered they are addicted to that humiliation and my control. They hate it if they have to wear male clothes, they much prefer to be so tightly corsetted they can hardly breathe, being locked in their uniforms with their bells tinkling away with every single move. They adore it when I issue an instruction and obediently scurry away after curtseying to me and uttering their mantra “Yes Mistress Lady Penelope”.
They often anticipate my needs and my desires, and almost fall over themselves to fulfil all of my whims. My maids are never ever allowed to complain, they know that if they uttered a word of complaint, if they tut, sigh or mumble they will be severely dealt with. Anything but a bright positive manner will not be tolerated, negativity is forbidden. When I give them an instruction, they do not think about how they can get out of it, they give me their instant complete obedience. They just reply “Yes Mistress Lady Penelope” together with a curtsey and they submissively mince off to follow my instructions to the letter no matter how demeaning it is.

Even when away from me they have to report in regularly and tell me what is happening, they must always be available for me, they drop everything and come running back to me if I need them. Prime example, if I were to tell them that one plus one is three, they might ask if I was sure but if I were to say yes I am sure, they would accept it and act accordingly. I am their world and they revel in it and I use their devotion to enhance my life.
If a sissy maid speaks without permission, she will be forced to wear a mouth mask with a large silver bell attached. If she has punishment points pending, the silver bell will be replaced with a large red bell as a reminder to the maid and everyone around her that she has broken the rules and will be punished at a time convenient to me. How humiliating is that?
Many maids in training find it very difficult to keep their pinkie fingers raised, so to help you, I have designed a very interesting device to monitor your progress. You will wear a silver device on your pinkie fingers with a ribbons (in colours to match your uniform) hanging down with bows and bells attached to each end.
The key to the chastity device will be placed upon a special heart shaped pink sissy satin cushion with satin roses, pearls, diamantes with a clear heart shaped plastic box at the centre to hold the key. You will offer the cushion and key to your Mistress when you are presented to me upon your final inspection. I call this total humiliation don't you.
You will be dressed in knickers to match your uniform and they will have ribbons attached with bows and bells sewn onto them.  This is so that Mistress knows if you are slacking.
I would like to stress that this is for maids who like electrical play. I appreciate that not all maids like electrics. Some maids will embrace it, for those who are not into electrics you must inform me at your initial interview. All limits will be respected.
Other Punishments:
The Electra Stim also has a mode which uses a sensor to automatically send you a high intensity impulse if it detects the slightest movement in your body. I will activate it when you are standing at attention and it is wonderfully effective at ensuring you remain completely still. Any form of movement from you will be fed back to you as a painful reminder to your erotic parts without me having to look at you or even press a button.
It will pay for you to be a good obedient maid, not to slack, if not you will pay the full consequences as your fate is in the hands of my Head Maid Madam FiFi. You will be under total control at the touch of my finger.
You will stand to attention for seven minutes of punishment impulses.

If you cannot stand the power you will need to pay a forfeit.
I will ring my crystal bell. You will need to be at the French doors of my lounge within 30 seconds wherever you may be in the house, as my house is on four floors. You will stand to attention and watch your fate, whilst my Head Maid Madam FiFi rolls the two fluffy dice. Lets say hypothetically it came to 7, I will muliply by one and a half and that will be the level of intensity of the stimulator, in this case 10.
It all depends on what type of mood I am in.
I will deny you from your pleasurable sensual impulses I shall make you wait in anticipation because you will know what shall be happening to you which will make you sweat.
This comes with a remote control unit which uses radio waves to control you wherever you are in my house or even outside. If you work hard I can send you nice sensual impulses to reward you. If your work is not up to my standard or if I wish to be a super bitch I will increase the intensity of the impulses from sensual mode up to punishment mode.
If I find that you are slacking you will be forced to go downstairs into my underground chambers to put on the receiver unit of the Electra Stim "The Controller" remote control electra stimulation unit. The Electra Stim has 18 stimulation intensity levels which I can use to send electrical impulses to your erotic body parts.
To preserve your innocence, all maids will be forced to wear a male chastity device. Understudy maid sissy Barbie will instruct you how to put it on. To add to your total humiliation and just in case you should forget you are wearing it, I shall provide you with a constant reminder by making you wear a bright red 50mm bell attached to a heavy pink sissy satin chastity device cover with lashings of sissy pink lace, frills and bows, locked around the device with a heart shaped padlock.
You will receive a professional make over.
On a first visit, candidates seeking to be trained as Sissy maids will be interviewed by myself to determine their limits and aptitudes and hence suitability to be trained. On subsequent visits, a maid in training will immediately be placed in a bell collar and leash by Head Maid Madam FiFi, who will lead her upstairs to be locked into the uniform I have selected for her to wear for her period of servitude, indoctrination and attitude modification.
NO Mincing Sissy Maids shall ever be called by a name during their  Sissy Maid Training. You will now be known simply by just a number, how humiliating is that.
My under study maid, Sissy Barbie will be standing at the right side of you by the French doors she will present a silver tray to her Mistress on which resides the Mistress' red velvet Punishment book with my initials L P in Diamante stones, with a matching red velvet pouch bag with my initials L P in matching Diamante stones, such decadence dont you agree?
Imagine the Stomach-Churning Daunting Feeling as you wait silently and patiently at my foreboding  large Victorian black door as you reach for the large brass knocker, oh what such Anticipation and Trepidation just waiting for my Command for you to Enter. The door will be opened by Head Maid Madam FiFi and I shall command you to "Enter". You shall slowly Enter my hallway, you will turn to stand to attention head bowed  by my French doors and Dare not to move or utter a single word  until  you have received my next command.
If I accede to your request, then I will instruct you to locate my understudy maid sissy  Barbie and ask her to unlock it with the key she carries around her neck, when you have finished in  the bathroom you will report back to understudy maid sissy Barbie who will replace the Prissy Sissy chastity device cover. This is what I call total utter humiliation. The same procedure applies to any request you may have, or questions you wish to ask me.
If you need to use the bathroom, you must always knock on my door and stand to attention until I am ready to address you. Whilst waiting, you will stand absolutely still, back straight, head up, eyes down, knees and ankles together, with your skirt and 100 yard petticoat fanned out, elbows back and pinkie fingers raised. When I ask you what you want you will meekly say "Please Mistress Lady Penelope, may I have your permission to have my bag unlocked so I can go to the bathroom".
For instance, bending forward at the waist is prohibited because it flashes the knickers, you must bend your knees and keep the hem of your dress horizontal. Persistent offenders will be forced to wear red panties under a short pink or black uniform and if I see red knickers, then Points will be entered into My Red Velvet Punishment Book.
All sissy maids will be trained to keep their knees together, their ankles together and to take small steps which is called mincing. They will learn to hold their elbows back and close to their waist, to take up the minimum of space with their bodies. Sissy maids who do not learn this lesson will be locked into elbow cuffs closely linked to a belt with bells attached, so they are forced to hold their elbows correctly. Compliance is not optional. Moving and standing like a man when in a sissy maids uniform is totally unacceptable and makes you look like a tart.
If your finger droops whilst standing to attention, the tinkling of the bell will draw my scrutiny to you and I shall correct you with a verbal warning, or if you keep on repeating this offence, points will be awarded which will be entered into the Red Velvet Punishment Book. If you fail repeatedly to learn your lesson you will be forced to put on the discipline heavy pinkie ring device. This has black satin ribbon and large red 50mm bells attached to add to your discomfort and humiliation. If these ring then you will be severely punished.
The red velvet pouch bag contains Sissy pink numbered badges Numbered 1 to 13. I will shake the bag and you will place your hand in the bag and without looking, retrieve a badge at random. Hypothetically, lets say it is number 13, the badge will read "Sissy Maid Number 13" you will be awarded 13 points which will be entered against you in the red velvet Punishment book and administered to you at some point during your stay.