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I am the UK leading  Specialist for my Lifestyle creations of my Little Mincing Sissy Pansies, who adore to be Pantied and Petticoated in 100 yards of Petticoat  with extra large satin bows and plenty of ribbons with large bonnets , I have always been inspired by the creative art work  of Prissy and Prim.

I shall be displaying  on my Website Prim's creative art work and stories for all of my adorable Little Mincing Sissy Pansies  to enjoy.

Prim will be displaying my photos of my adorable Little Mincing Sissy Pansies so that his Mincing Sissy Pansies can also enjoy my  creative Lifestyle Pansies, exciting times ahead for us all.

We do have leather posture collars with matching leather wrists cuffs and matching shoe locks with short connecting metal chain to restrict your manly stride, how Humiliating for you to Mince for Mistress Lady Penelope .

As you can see from my website I have  a comprehensive range of restraints including gags, hoods, armbinders, straight jackets and arm and leg corsets to make your tasks even harder !!!.

Sissy dresses ladies size 14 to 32 Designer shoes from ladies  size 4 up to size 15.
Mistress Lady Penelope's Little Mincing Sissy Pansies
Miss Frillsome Dresses Perry and Thomas, by Prim
Thomas watches with breathless longing as his girlfriend’s face is surrounded with white satin lining. His cock aches with impatient desire as he feels his own hair being done into a soft satin bow. Then finally, satisfied that they are attractive and panting, she sits in her armchair and starts their morning lesson of sissy cuddling.
“Come,” she says to Perry, picking up a little girl bonnet with buttons all round and long, stiffened sides. “Sissies need their hair-styles to be in satin, so that they melt into girlish sweetness.”
A sizzle of rose pink satin fills the room as the skirt slides from its hanger. It threads over Thomas’s hair, its lining of bridal satin hissing over his blouse frills, until it settles and slides on his petticoat. It has two darling shoulder straps, and a wide waist ribbon that Miss Frillsome does into a bow. The sissy whimpers with excitement as he steps into the pink high heels in front of him, to stand six inches taller than his Mistress.
So many frills approaching him. So much satin and sweetness, opening out for him to slide his arms deeply through the ruffled sleeves, and the blouse gathers round his back. His buttons start between his shoulder blades, down onto his petticoats, then up to the top, and the cuff is buttoned shut at the back of his neck. Perry watches, his cock stretching in his pantyhose at how deliciously feminine his sweetheart is with his chin cupped in frills.
He steps into a ruffled petticoat, spreading widely from his hips. His panties and their contents feel so girly as his fingers feel the lovely satin edges. Mistress stands at the rail, her hand on the hanger of his blouse, and his lips start trembling, out of control.
The sissies look at each other in breathless longing, their hearts pattering, as Miss Frillsome draws pink satin panties up Thomas’s legs over his suspender belt. His cock reaches up in the front, no more than a little satin point with a double rounded top. His dress rail displays a darling skirt in candy pink satin, and a ruffled blouse so pretty that he knows he will faint with girlishness when it is put on him.
Miss Frillsome has him step into a pair of sky-scraper white pumps, then seats him ready to witness the dressing of his sweetheart. As Thomas is led, mincing, across the room, he bleats with yearning at the sight of his prettied girlfriend. “That sissy is in pantyhose,” declares the schoolmistress, “but you will wear stockings for him.” She opens a new pack of nylons and he presents a foot.
Perry wriggles from the shoulders and his satin frills sizzle around him. Then he wails with aching desire. His Mistress is undoing the back of his dress on its hanger. He is going to wear lilac satin ruffles for Sissy Thomas. The dress drops over his hair as he puts his arms through the lovely puffed sleeves. It grips his upper arms with elastics, and buttons up to the back of his neck. It has a lovely, girls’ white bib to look down on over his tits.
“A girly shake,” she says.
She unthreads his first petticoat from the rail and puts her arms through it. He presents his hair-do and it drops onto his shoulders and over his tits. His fuchsia lips open with a gasp as she presents him with his second petti. It slithers down, almost covering the first and gathering its satin more intimately round his flesh. She knows just how soft he feels.
Miss Frillsome is adept at dressing male wimps.
His Mistress purses her lips, showing her disdain for the lack of sexuality in this feeble non-male. He must look her in the eyes as she unclips the silky bloomer from its hanger, then she stoops and he rests his hand again on her blouse as she puts them over his feet and draws the cold satin up his hose, until it collects snugly round his hose panty in a clasp of femininity.
He calms his voice. “Please – dress me for Thomas, Miss Frillsome – starting with my lovely satin panties.” There’s a whimper of desire from the corner of the room as Perry’s sweetheart listens and slides his cock higher in his Mistress’s dress.
The sissy rests his hand on her shoulder as she feeds the hose onto one foot, then the other. A whimper of sissyness escapes him as she draws his hose higher and higher, then arranges his half soft erection so that it is upright inside the brown panty, pulled high above his waist. “Well, boy? What are you going to ask me?”
“Your naughty boy thing will be inside this pretty panel, so we must start by making it a sweet, girly thing instead.”
Perry waits, his fingers interlaced, covering his stirring sexual needs. She moves his hands and holds his cock. “This is going into pantyhose – it needs to be completely feminine inside these.” She removes the cover from his rail, bringing a muted cry as he sees nothing but satin frills. She lifts a plastic hanger with long, glossy bloomer-panties, in ivory satin, frilled round the legs and with pretty lacework decorating the kite gusset.
Next door, Miss Frillsome hangs one of her dresses on the corner hook for Thomas to pay it his homage: pale apricot silk scattered with white roses. She spreads the skirt, filled out with its crisp silk underskirt, and clips it out into a wide A. He stands in the corner, with his nose at the first button under the collar, so that his body is in contact with it to his knees. She leaves him whimpering with pleasure.
Give me your hand – and you, boy. You’ve got girls’ things waiting for you in the dressing room.”
“And in my tight mini, worn with pantyhose and peep-toe sandals?” She chuckles to herself as their eyes go to her shiny legs and strappy black sandals, with heels that bring her up to their height. They are a pair of girls already, so predictable. “Lift your head, Thomas.” She throws his trousers over a chair and pulls down his briefs. “Look into my eyes when I am about to dress you.
“Yes, Miss Frillsome. We both like you in your soft white blouse.”
Perry sits to remove his shoes and socks as she stands Thomas in front of her to be undressed. “You both like me in my soft white blouse, don’t you?” she says, removing his shirt.
They long to see each other in a pretty dress which begs for slippery cuddles.
As usual, they arrive at the steps to their Mistress’s apartment a minute before 10 and wait for their sweetheart to arrive before they can ring the bell. She is convinced they are already excited at that moment, especially since they must arrive with their lips and eye make-up complete.
“We are both girls, Miss Frillsome,” comes the united response, Perry standing in front of her and Thomas sitting watching. As they say it, they pretty their hair with their fingertips, as is the rule. Their varnished nails flutter effeminately around their hair-dos, freshly done the day before for their visit to Sissy School.
“I look ridiculous in men’s clothes, Miss Frillsome.” His chin drops onto his smooth chest with its prominent tits, as his Sissy School mistress pulls his shirt from his arms and catches his briefs round the waist to pull them down. His groin is smooth and depilated.
“I just can’t understand how you get away with wearing these clothes,” says Miss Frillsome as she undoes Perry’s belt and the fly of his trousers. “Look at you, so clearly a girl with your pretty complexion and full, soft hair – but wearing a man’s shirt. You look ridiculous in men’s clothes, boy. Say it.”
“And Thomas is even worse. Never mind his make-up, look at his hair. You are both girls, aren’t you? Say it.”