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We have a large extensive range of lockable Maids  uniforms in Satin and PVC for Sissy and French Maids, also the cotton traditional Maids uniforms all with full 100 yard bouffant petticoats.

We do have leather posture collars with matching leather wrists cuffs and matching shoe locks with short connecting metal chain to restrict your manly stride, how Humiliating for you to Mince for Mistress Lady Penelope .

As you can see from my website I have  a comprehensive range of restraints including gags, hoods, armbinders, straight jackets and arm and leg corsets to make your tasks even harder !!!.

Sissy maids will be forced to wear Designer lingerie including ten strap suspender belt  and exotic cuban heeled seamed stockings by Fiore.

Maids uniforms ladies size 16 to 32 Designer shoes from ladies size 4 up to size 15.
Dreams and nightmares of 24/7 live-in maid sissy barbie.
First of hopefully a series of fantasies, most of which barbie hopes will not come true, well she wont admit to it anyway :-) . She says she is careful what she wishes for but can't control her dreams. Some episodes may have pictures or even videos, created after the dream.

1. An efficient maid.

Mistress Lady Penelope instructed me that we were going to do a photo shoot and that I should fetch certain items of bondage equipment. I said 'Yes Mistress Lady Penelope', curtsied and fetched them.

Mistress has me hand over all the keys and put on a gag and lock it in place.  I snap the padlock closed with a click which I find exciting as I love to descend deeper into her control. My little Willie pulses uselessly within its prison, exploring the limits of its expansion for the millionth time. I have never worn this particular gag before and I find it very effective. I try to thank Mistress Lady Penelope but my mouth is silenced completely.

Mistress commands me to put on the nose-fix device. I silently curtsey and obey. The device has a specially shaped Allen key, Mistress Lady Penelope tightens it for me until my eyes water and takes the key and torments me with it. The welded on chain hangs down to the level of my knees and I remind myself to not let it get caught on anything as it hurts like crazy. Months ago I attached a card label to the end as a reminder to Mistress. It says "Hold to Rule me. Drop to Hurt me. Yank to Maim me." I did this in the hope that Mistress would not yank it as its grip is just as good as a piercing and is perfectly possible to rip the septum from the nose with it. I very much doubt Mistress Lady Penelope would want to continue to own a maid with such a disfigurement. My mind boggles at how she would dispose of me. With the nose-fix screwed to my face, Mistress has merely to pick up the chain and I am totally servile, like a butterfly which she has one wing gripped in each of her hands, immobile and hoping fervently it will not be torn apart. Mistress is mercifully gentle as long as I obey unquestioningly and instantly but any dissent or delay would be dealt with most harshly.

Mistress Lady Penelope directed me to lock straps on my wrists, upper arms just above my elbows, then put shoe locks over my shoes with the padlocks to the inside but not to snap them closed. She took the chains I had fetched and connected my elbow bonds behind my back then adjusted them so that clapping my hand in front of me was impossible. She attached a short chain between my wrists and then a longer one to the mid point of the short chain. Then she picked up her tripod, camera and my nose chain and led me out through the garage to outside. It was a freezing cold day in early January but I could neither object nor resist.

I stepped down to the cold ground and Mistress took one of the padlocks out of my shoe locks, then attached the long chain from my wrists to the other padlock and adjusted it so I could not raise my hands above my waist, then put the padlock through the other shoe lock and snapped it shut. Now not mincing was impossible as my maximum step was twice the width of the padlock staple, about half an inch. Stepping back over the step to get inside was now impossible.

The door from the garage is high security multi point locking door, about two inches thick. It has a full length stainless steel handle on it about one and a half inch diameter. Mistress padlocked my nose chain to the heavy duty handle. She had me assume various poses as she took photographs and then videos. She told me to try to escape for the video, I obeyed and wrestled with the door handle to absolutely no avail. She instructed me to try to summon assistance. I was in a secluded spot, nobody could see me, the tall gate in the tall fence was locked and I could not even reach it. The clamp on my septum partially blocked my nostrils so even the little animal like noises I could make were very quiet, probably about a tenth of a cat's meow. I felt sure that nobody would hear me from next door let alone the road outside, but I followed Mistress' orders and maybe the camera's microphone picked up tiny sounds. I tried to rattle my chains but they were the flat type and produced not a single sound.

Mistress unlocked the door, went inside and closed the door without saying a word.  I felt sure she would soon return but she did not. I panicked and tried to step onto the doorstep so I could try to pound on the door. I failed. I felt so feeble that I could not even get onto the step and I knew full well that I would not be able to make any meaningful sound against the heavy door anyway. When you panic you do stupid things, I tried to mince away but my nose chain brought me to a very painful stop. Physically I was at the end of my tether and mentally too. It was so cold my feet felt like ice and my entire body was shaking. The flesh between my stocking tops and suspender belt was particularly cold. My face and neck too. My stockings and uniform were scant protection against the cold. The least cold parts were my chest against my breast forms. I wished I had put on thicker knickers this morning. My testicles were gripped by the chastity device and unable to retreat into the relative warmth of my body. I remembered the old saying about brass monkeys.

Panic had got me nowhere and probably my body eventually just ran out of adrenalin. I took stock of my situation. I was helpless. If Mistress Lady Penelope did not return I would die, though I had no idea how long death might take.

Some time later I was elated when the door opened and Mistress Lady Penelope came out. She went to the tripod and turned the camera off. I had not realised she had left it running. I felt very used. She took the camera and tripod inside and said she would have a look at what I had been up to. She handed me a note pad and a pen and said "I know you want to get back in the warm but first you have to note down all your secrets. You are not coming back inside until you have done it." Mistress went back and I heard the door latch shut.

I have very few secrets from my Mistress and I racked my brain for things to write down. I knew my Mistress would not think much of the few things I could think of. I found I could just about write on the pad despite hardly being able to touch the fingers of one hand with the fingers of the other. I have a need to please Mistress Lady Penelope, so I was wretched that I could not write reams of secrets for her. I was also desperate to get inside. She returned, viewed the notepad and said "ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC."

Mistress Lady Penelope handed me another note pad and said "Make a note of all your passwords, PIN numbers and what they relate to. List all your assets, their values along with the method to turn them into cash. The faster you do it to my satisfaction the sooner you get back inside, though you will remain here whilst I check out and change the passwords and PINs."

Mistress went into the nice warm house and I wanted so much to go with her. The sun was setting and I could feel the the temperature was dropping rapidly. Even my chest was cold now and as I could no longer feel my feet, I knew if (hopefully when) the circulation returned to them it would be agony. I did not want Mistress to know all the information she had requested and if she changed all the passwords and PINs I would have no power whatever, but refusal was not an option, Mistress would keep me here until I obeyed. I am weak, I would break long before death took me. If I could be strong I might have a long lingering painful death, but I am a submissive pathetic sissy maid so I obeyed, working hard to remember every single detail and noting it down. I had to write in large letters so that my shivering would not affect the legibility. I did not want Mistress Lady Penelope to leave me outside one extra second just because she could not read my writing.

As it got dark the sensor in the security light picked up my movement and turned itself on. I continued to write everything I could think of. My head was hurting with the cold and I imagined my brain might be freezing up. I wanted to put my hand on it to keep the cold out but the chain down to my ankles prevented me from raising my hands. The mucus was building up in my nose was restricting my breathing and my lungs were hurting. My nose became blocked and I panicked again, fighting my bonds and shaking my head in every direction. Quite quickly I managed to clear my nose and hoped it did not get blocked again. I ran out of things to write but still Mistress did not come back out. I went over and over in my head things I could try to escape or at least get Mistress' attention. Nothing. My mind wandered and I thought of another thing to write down. Several times this happened. I felt drained of information and also felt that soon I would die of the cold. I wanted to lie down but knew the ground was so cold that would be the end of me. I lost track of time and everything else.

I felt a harsh tug of my nose chain and moved towards it. My foot was blocked by the doorstep but I found my shoe locks had been released so I stepped up and through the door into the garage. Though the garage is not heated it felt heavenly. My stupor began to clear and I saw Mistress tethering me to a rack inside the garage. She said "I was on the telephone when something reminded me you were still outside. As you know, a Mistress never apologises but I do regret risking losing my property, you. You can wait here while I change all your passwords. If you have got any wrong then you will be going outside again until you get them correct."

The circulation in my feet and a few more delicate parts returned and I wished it had not, such was the pain. Mistress Lady Penelope returned and shook my tethering chain. "Two of your passwords do not work. I am feeling merciful so will give you a second chance with them but if you fail again I will take it as mutiny and you will go back outside to encourage you." She showed me the two items and I realised one was wrong so I corrected it. I was sure the other was correct, I wrote it out again. Mistress looked at them both and put her riding crop under my chin. "Are you sure?" I nodded my head and curtsied. I hoped that she had mistyped or misread the original. The confidence I had crumbled to nothing, Mistress does not get things wrong, only I do that. I felt I would soon be on a one way trip outside like Titus Oates into the Antarctic night. As my Mistress went away I began to weep. I knew I would not endure another period outside.

Mistress Lady Penelope came back. She looked angry. Her face turned to mirth as she said "Good girl, you got them all right this time. I have not checked the bank card PINs but I doubt I will use them, and neither will you as they are now safely locked away, along every last penny of your cash. If you need to buy anything you will need to persuade me it is in my interest to allow it. You will have no access to phones, computers, post or any other forms of communication or entertainment unless I allow it, which is only likely if you have excelled in your service to me. Such things are just distractions. Everything you have listed as assets will be turned into cash, all your other possessions will be scrapped apart from your uniforms etc. I will be using the vacated space in the servants quarters for my things. Henceforth your life is 100% devoted to serving me and only me. I will use your money as and when I wish, for whatever I wish for. A little might be spent spoiling you with new uniforms and the like if you are a good girl, but most will be spent on treats for me. Holidays, clothes, shoes, handbags, new cars, another new kitchen {Remember this is a dream not reality}. You will of course have to keep them all spotlessly clean and tidy."

From that point on my life was very very different. I had nothing else to do but serve my Mistress. Most people find cleaning, laundry, washing, cooking etc to be rather boring but when you have nothing else to do you have to find pleasure in such mundane activities. From the moment I wake, I am  trying to please Mistress Lady Penelope. I try to get the house clean before she wakes, working as silently as I can, avoiding using the vacuum cleaner and washing machine so that I do not wake her. I show my respect for her at every opportunity, curtseying and bobbing whenever possible. Never speaking except to say 'Yes Mistress Lady Penelope' or answering a question. I make lists for her of things she needs to buy, whether it be toilet rolls or luxury items.

Very rarely, and only when in the direst need, I ask for permission to speak. Often Mistress is too busy and refuses permission but I try to choose a time when she is at a loose end. Once in a while I get it right and Mistress kindly grants me permission. Of course that does not mean I get my way, she often finds an alternative way to fulfil my request and sometimes rejects it outright if she cannot see anything in it for her. Sometimes I suggest ways I can improve my service to her and often she either agrees or adds a new regular task to my chore list which achieves the same goal more thoroughly. I wish I could keep my mouth shut. I have learned never to say I have finished my chores, I find other things to do for her, it just takes a little extra thought. A maid's work is never done.

I believe Mistress Lady Penelope finds I am an efficient maid. I keep the house clean, I do my best to always look nice, with a clean smart uniform and a pleasant smile on my face. I always accept her instructions enthusiastically, no matter how much I do not wish to follow them. If she asks me to go through the rubbish bin for something she accidentally threw away, I smile, curtsey, say 'Yes Mistress Lady Penelope' with as much enthusiasm as I might have if she had allowed me to remove my chastity device and go to my bed and masturbate. When I am later up to my elbows or beyond in greasy smelly food with used sellotape sticking to my arm and grime under my finger nails searching in vain for the item and she calls from another room that she has found it, I suppress my feelings of regret. I meekly thank her with the same enthusiasm as before, then put all the refuse back in the bin and go and scrub my arms and finger nails. I remind myself that I am her property and even if she had me do it deliberately to humiliate me, then she would have got pleasure from it, and my life is dedicated to giving her pleasure. Anyway I enjoy the humiliation, my penis tells me so. It reminds me I would like to masturbate but that is only allowed when I surprise my Mistress with exceptional service, so I strive to do so. Of course when I find a way it only works once, it becomes part of what I do regularly and does not surprise her any more. I have to think harder to find some new way to please her.

This is my life now, serving 24/7 until I go the heaven, if it exists. If it does and my humble meekness gets me there I presume I will serve god, my Mistress or whoever for eternity.